Revealing your child’s pathway to their dream career.

careers planning


CashCrunch Careers uses research from the US Department of Labor and recruitment tools from the corporate world and combines them into a platform that will provide answers to the most loaded and commonly asked question by a parent to a child.

“What would you like to do with your life?”

Our survey report will help with this question by providing guidance based on your child’s inherent traits and potential.

The survey will highlight

  • What careers and possibilities would best suit.
  • What careers they would most likely enjoy.
  • What careers they would most likely excel in.
  • What path needs to be taken to be ready for their dream career.

Watch video

The video will highlight

  • What the report will look like.
  • The content of the report.
  • The potential of the report.
  • The research function of the report.

Watch video

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete

  • Enables positive discussions around planning for college and careers.
  • Getting child ready for college earlier.
  • Earlier planning gives more focused approach to college.
  • Allows for more informed decisions about each college and suitability.
  • Saves money in the long run with more informed decisions.
  • Less likely to change majors and minors.

careers planning

Help shape your child?s future and unlock future career possibilities.

Our report will help your child realize their best fit career possibilities and pathways based on inherent traits, allowing for more focused future planning, which will save money, time and frustration.

course readiness

The Career Prep and Readiness Course Will

  • Compliment the survey and get to the root of who you are.
  • Help you discover the types of jobs and environments that will best suit you.
  • Help you start building your resume.
  • Help you address your Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Help you prepare for interviews.
  • Help you shortlist colleges and career pathways.
  • Create awareness of the importance of networking and social media.

Our Features Include

Your child?s report is saved in their very own ?locker ?on the website and can be downloaded and printed out.

Career Work

A personality summary.


What motivates your child.

Career Attributes

Characteristics of your child.

Save Time and Money

Informed decisions save time.


College suitability.

Career Match

Job suitable for your child

Career Directory

Further career information.

Career Prep Course

Get ready for your career.

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Unlock career possibilities and work towards your dream career

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