Who We Are?

Paul Vasey is the founder of CashCrunch Careers and CashCrunch Games. He holds a Business Education Degree from Nottingham Trent University and is a former teacher of Business Studies who left the UK and is now living in California.

Along with Careers, he is also a strong advocate of Personal Finance and has launched several products to address this issue.

He believes that there is a fundamental disconnect between the way students make their career choices and what careers would be a good fit for them.

In a lot of cases, students choose a college, then a major then a career. The reality is that a student goes to college, changes their major because it is not what they thought it would be like (run up debt because extra books, tuition and time costs money), complete their degree and then find a job. The now successful graduate takes whatever job they can so that they are not unemployed and then hops from job to job until they find something that they enjoy, are good at and excel in.

With this in mind he has worked to bridge this disconnect and launch CashCrunch Careers.

In his free time, he likes to spend time with his wife, drink coffee by the beach and come up with various concepts that could be turned into reality.

Other Products

A fun way to learn about money.

  • CashCrunch Junior CashCrunch Junior is a physical board game for elementary and middle school students.
  • CashCrunch Senior CashCrunch Senior is a physical board game for high school and college students.
  • CashCrunch 101 CashCrunch 101 is an online game for high school and college students.

Money is easily available through various channels, but it is important to respect that money and how it is used.