Projected job growth in the next 10 years.

Projected job growth in the next 10 years.

Choosing a career that suits you, in my opinion is the most important consideration when choosing a job. Some people choose money as the most important factor. I get it. If you work, you expect to be paid huge amounts of money because your time is valuable. Unfortunately, the market place does not see it that way. For me, the two most important career paths would be medical and education, yet lawyers, accountants and many more careers are paid far more. Nurses and teachers are way down the list when it comes to earning potential.

However, we work over 50% of our lives. Doesn’t it make sense to choose something that you would enjoy, which means you could be good at your job and eventually excel?

Unfortunately in life, there is a concept called competition. Whether it be for the last potato on the dinner table, going on a date with that person that you like (they have options too), the job you want, the item you want to buy on ebay, the ticket availability for an event you would like to attend, the house you would like to buy or even for that winning lottery ticket, you have to pick your battles wisely and most importantly be prepared. 

With a forever evolving job market, due to ecommerce, population, lifestyle and even the over supply of graduates in a certain field (a classic example when I was teaching  - NCIS was a huge hit and everyone wanted to study forensics. Psychology also became fashionable too). This led to higher admission standards due to demand.

If you take these analogies and you apply them to the job world. With aging populations and the integration of technology, certain jobs will no longer be required, while others will have huge demand.

From the table, you can see that the largest projected increases in demand will be for caring for the elderly, medical and software.


There is still a lot of predicted job over the next 10 years. What I would consider looking at is. the type of jobs that are likely to be phased out over time with technology being infused into the market place and make a plan. In order to unlock your career possibilities, you may want to check out what careers would suit you and more importantly what you would enjoy be good at, excel at and ultimately be more competitive at. For more information click here.

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