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Choosing a career path can be a frustrating and time-consuming event. CashCrunch Careers has been designed to give you helpful information to use when considering potential careers. Information has been researched by the US Department of Labor and will provide you with insight into all aspects of a selected career.

The careers that best match your work styles and attributes can be found in your CashCrunch Career report. The objective of CashCrunch Careers is to provide you with a place where you can explore and learn about careers and hopefully give you further insight and direction into your journey.

Finding the right college is as important as wearing the right pair of shoes. Each one offers a unique experience and many great and interesting challenges. When selecting the right college, it is important to spend some time asking yourself what type of college you would like to go to and your criteria. For example, the size of school, the location of the campus, activities, length of study, cost and types of activity. Not all careers require a 4- year education and many institutions offer specialized training in fields of all types. Use CashCrunch Careers to explore these institutions of learning to help answer those questions and plan accordingly.

Click on the left side careers link to learn more about that particular career, and what skills and education are required. Select the video player to view a brief video about the job. The education link will help you to understand educational requirement(s) of the job.